In the English lesson, the students in class 19B2 got to know Shakespeare and his sonnets. We found out about typical topics in Shakespeare’s works as well as his creative use of language to support his message.
An important part of the course was also to look at modern elements in Shakespeare, which is why we compared Shakespeare to modern Hip Hop and Rap songs. This lead us to the final activity: The students wrote their own Rap Sonnets and performed them in class. Below you can find the excellent results of this task. Enjoy! smile

Im Englischunterricht haben die Schülerinnen und Schüler der 19B2 Shakespeare und seine Sonette kennengelernt. Wir haben uns typische Themen in Shakespeares Gedichten angeschaut und auch seinen kreativen Einsatz der Sprache kennengelernt.
Ein wichtiger Teil des Kurses war außerdem die Betrachtung moderner Elemente in Shakespeares Sonetten, weshalb wir Shakespeare mit modernen Hip Hop und Rap Songs verglichen haben. Daraus ergab sich die letzte Aufgabe zu dieser Einheit: Die 19B2 hat selbst Rap Sonette geschrieben und diese in der Klasse vorgeführt. Hier seht ihr die großartigen Ergebnisse. Viel Spaß damit! 

Sonnet I 

(by Berkant, Denis, Felix)

Modern society – there is a lot of anxiety

We dominate the world, we’re so mighty,

We fight unnecessary wars

Just to increase gold bars.

Our political leaders are not the best readers

They are unhealthy like snickers.

Good decisions? – That’s irony!

Better decisions are made even by me!

The decisions they make seem like irony

But if they reach their goal

The society will end in a tyranny

And then they will take our soul.

   Don’t let them get you down – your problems!

   Our society has also beautiful monuments.


Sonnet II

(by Justin and Michel)

Shoot your foot, Tory Lanez

‘cause that bi**h stole my chains!

Hop on the party, doin’ codein

I’m a drug addict, Charlie Sheen.

More popular than Jesus, I walk across the sea,

I am so fame, you gotta agree!

All this class makes DiCaprio envy

Even your dad wants to be like me.

I bought your mom – that’s a deal,

She makes me smile like a happy meal.

You step on my Air Force – don’t you dare!

Bi****s be crying like I would care!

   I say that I’m happy and got homies

   But at the end I’m still so lonely.


Sonnet III

(by Steven and Ishan)

Someday one person will look and see people like you do

You just have to be patient ‘cause the time will come.

The person will understand and know you

So your problems will get lost and done.

The person will never ever leave you

And you’re gonna be thankful.

Time will make you happy like she wants to

And your life is never gonna be awful.

A great time will be yours:

Seeing people left and right

And running down the shores

But only one person will be your light.

   So you see, everything will be fine,

   You just have to wait for the right time!


The Meowing of a Loved One

(by Gerren, Angelina, David, Nick)

Meow, is all I want to hear,

Your paws: I want to feel.

I don’t want you to disappear;

Your fur is silver like steel.

Meow, is everything I want to perceive

You make my mind be muddled.

Perfect love is what I want to achieve

The only thing that could help is being cuddled.

Meow, your seven lives have faded,

My heart is like a full moon night.

Your disappearance made my world shaded,

The thought of your love makes me feel alright.

   Even seven lives can’t deny

   That eternal love is just a lie.


Disstrack: Shakespeare

(by Berre, Seren, Melissa, Enriko)

William Shakespeare – what a snitch!

No hair on your head

Not even a li’l rich

All night crying in bed!

Writing poems all day ‘n’ night,

Can’t even talk in proper English

Can’t even win a fight –

Fists left and right, then finish!

You don’t have the money

And you don’t have the cars.

Listen to your mommy

Talking right out of your arse!

   Your poems are used not effectively

   You’re not important – your destiny!


Kentucky Fried Kitten

(by Antonia, Selin, Jette)

You made my heart go Boom Boom

But your cat treats me like I am a witch!

I want just you in my bedroom

Because your cat is a lil’ bi***!

You broke my heart a million times.

The beast destroyed my mind:

I am only speaking in rhymes!

What did I do? I was always kind!

You never came when I was in pain,

Only when I cooked your cat.

Now you want to do with me the same –

Why you mad?!

   The society is a big planet.

   Your cat is the one who began it!


Big Love

(by Adrijana, Fabienne, Ilayda, Berkant)

Your curves look like a tender pillow,

You go so deep that I can’t breathe

It’s the smell of you that makes me follow

For you, I would meet up with death!

Your skin, gold and brown, looks like the heat of the sun,

You can wear anything and still look so good.

You and I we have always fun,

For you, I would even leave my hood!

I know you would never leave me!

So crispy outside but soft like a marshmallow inside

When we meet, I need my ice tea

But when you’re gone I am alright.

   Without pizza I cannot speak

   Because I turn into a freak!